The famous actor Christopher Walken at 78 years of age still smokes marijuana 

Written by on 12 March, 2022

The renowned American actor Christopher Walken, 78 years old, in a recent interview with The New York Times confessed his fondness for marijuana and acknowledged that he still smokes the plant.

The famous actor has given life to a great variety of characters in several series and movies, which have allowed him to be recognized in the film industry and even to win an Oscar Award.

In the interview with the U.S. media, Walken, in addition to revealing about his work, also tells part of his private life. At one point in the conversation, the journalist asked the actor: “This is pure conjecture, but were you ever a heavy marijuana smoker?” He did not hesitate to answer with a resounding “Of course”.

After Walken’s confession the interviewer asked him, “Do you still smoke?” and the actor replied, “Sure.”

What do you like to do when you’re high? Was the next question that came up during the conversation. “When I told the story about my friend who said he loves to read Sunday morning, The New York Times with a good cup of coffee and sitting in front of the fire, I didn’t mention that he also talked about taking a couple of puffs of a joint,” Walken said in the interview.






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