Terpinolene: the terpene responsible for the fragrance to pine, critical and floral of the cannabis

Written by on 30 November, 2020

In the plants of cannabis a great variety of terpenes has been discovered, these components give to your flowers the flavors and aromas that so much you like.

If you prefer fragrances that combine shades of pine, wood, citrus and floral, it is best to choose varieties rich in terpinolene. Do you know this terpene? Well, stay with us here and we’ll tell you a little bit about it.


Terpinolene, also known as delta terpinene, is a terpene that you can find in some varieties of marijuana and other plants such as rosemary, cumin and sage.

Terpinolene is used as an aromatic compound in soaps, perfumes and even in some insect repellents. In addition, this terpene is still being studied for its antibacterial, antifungal and sedative properties.

Terpinolene-rich strains

In the world of the marijuana exists a great variety of stocks that, can offer to you flavors, aromas and other effects.

If you are interested in buying or growing those varieties of cannabis rich in terpinolene, you can choose strains like the Royal Jack Automatic from Royal Queen Seeds. This auto-flowering plant is small but productive, and is the auto version of the prestigious Jack Herer strain.

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