Tattoos and CBD? Does it relieve the pain and heal your skin?

Written by on 12 May, 2020

Many people smoke or get high before getting a tattoo because they need to be relaxed when they feel pain. Now, how can CBD help with pain? Pay attention and you will understand.

The non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD has great promise in fighting tattoo-related pain. Regardless of your reasons for getting a tattoo, you will always experience pain.

Whether it is for sentimental reasons, to represent a change in your life, or as an act of rebellion, all tattoos have one thing in common: pain.

Before, during and after, you experience some kind of pain, which can be mental or physical. When you describe the process of getting a tattoo, a person who has never been tattooed always looks at you with a puzzled look. Fortunately, for new tattooers and those who want to finish a sleeve, CBD could be a very effective substance for relieving the pain of this process.

Pain is always part of the process

Being aware that getting a tattoo is painful can cause nerves and stress. Those who are already experienced and more daring, like to tell others their stories about smoking a joint before getting a tattoo and can help you clear your mind, feel more relaxed and not feel so much pain at that very moment, this, when we talk about the psychoactive component (THC).

What solution is left to relieve the pain? Cannabis, or rather CBD, has shown great promise in combating stress and anxiety, relieving pain and helping with recovery.

How does CBD relieve tattoo pain?

In a 2012 study, CBD was used to suppress neuropathic and inflammatory pain by targeting these receptors. Interestingly, both symptoms are experienced when getting a tattoo. In addition, the authors found that the test subjects did not develop tolerance to the effects of CBD. The dose could remain the same, and its effects just as potent, as when they were first given CBD.

For those looking for a long-term solution to fight pain and help with the healing process, CBD is a very complete substance.

How can you use it, BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER the tattoo?

Even if it is the 75th tattoo, it is normal to feel nervous. Some beginners even experience panic attacks and anxiety, which worsen the pain while tattooing, because of heightened senses.

BEFORE: CBD has previously been shown to be very effective in reducing stress and anxiety. Many people advise taking a shot of CBD juice, or CBD oil, before getting a tattoo. The effect is twofold, calming the nerves and helping to reduce the inflammation experienced during the tattooing process.

DURING: Be clear, getting a tattoo hurts. During the tattooing process, the skin becomes inflamed, often making the tattooist’s job difficult, and in the worst case, forcing him/her to stop. The consumption of CBD limits the threshold of inflammation, making the situation much more convenient, for both you and the artist. For this reason, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are fundamental.

AFTER: A successful healing will not only preserve the integrity of your new tattoo, it will also prevent it from becoming infected. CBD is available as a lotion to be applied directly on the tattooed area; it acts as a natural antiseptic that prevents infections from occurring.

If you want to get a tattoo, just consider using CBD before, during and after the tattoo. This way you will make the process more relaxed and take care of your skin.

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