Snoop Dogg reveals how many joints he smokes in a day

Written by on 10 November, 2022

The famous rapper Snoop Dogg, although he has never denied that he is a big marijuana consumer, on this occasion, through a publication on Instagram, denied the rumors that he smokes up to 150 joints a day, and revealed the amount he actually consumes.

The rumors started thanks to an employee of the artist, called Renegade Piranha, in charge of rolling his joints, who assured on the Australian radio program The Kyle and Jackie O Show that the singer smoked daily about 2.3 kilos of marijuana, that is, between 75 and 150 joints a day.

Likewise, Piranha added that since he started working for Snoop Dogg in 2016 he had rolled about 450,000 joints.

The 51-year-old rapper denied Piranha’s statements. “This is all in a day’s work. Stop lying,” he responded on Instagram with a video in which he shows nine joint butts. “How am I going to smoke all that weed in one day, what am I, a machine? Look at the butts, look at them,” he said in the post.

Stories about Snoop Dogg and marijuana are not new, and it is that the artist himself has told some of his experiences with the weed. In 2013 he responded to a fan on Twitter and revealed that he had smoked 81 joints in one day. On one occasion he even said that he had smoked a joint secretly in a White House bathroom.

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