Singer Beyoncé creates her marijuana farm

Written by on 11 August, 2021

The famous American singer Beyoncé surprised her fans after revealing that she is building her marijuana farm. That’s right; the artist said: she has a goal to get CBD, the compound with medicinal properties that cannabis possesses.

“During my quarantine, I went from excess to creating positive rituals inspired by previous generations and putting my interpretation on things. I discovered CBD (Cannabidiol) on my last tour and experienced its benefits for pain and inflammation,” said the artist in conversation with Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

The renowned interpreter of songs such as “Single Ladies” or “Crazy in Love” said that this cannabinoid helped her in those moments when she could not rest at night and “with the agitation and anguish of not being able to sleep”.

The 39-year-old model, actress, and entrepreneur also said that she found healing properties in honey that have benefited her and her children. “I am now building a marijuana and honey farm,” the music star noted.




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