Signatures Validated to Activate Referendum on Marijuana in Italy

Written by on 17 January, 2022

After a few months ago activists in Italy presented to the Supreme Court 630,000 signatures to call a referendum to legalize the personal marijuana growing, the authorities of the European country certified the collected signatures. However, there is still a pending step to activate the consultation process.

Now that the signatures are confirmed, the referendum will pass to the Constitutional Court, “which will determine the legality of the provisions of the proposal. That ruling will be issued on February 15 and, if deemed legal, the government will set a date for the vote,” reported Marijuana Moment.

That’s right, the Constitutional Court will analyze whether the measure would conflict with the Constitution, the country’s tax system, or international treaties to which Italy is a party.

If the courts allow the referendum to move forward, voters are expected to have the opportunity to decide on the policy change this year, possibly between April 15 and June 15.

It is worth mentioning that should the referendum make it to the polls, a simple majority would be needed for it to be enacted.

The Italian proposal would completely end the criminalization of cannabis growing. Likewise, the measure would also legalize the personal growth of other psychoactive plants and mushrooms such as psilocybin.

“We believe that the fact that we were able to collect over 500,000 signatures online in one week will be taken into consideration as a strong petition to change several unreasonable prohibitions on our books,” said Marco Perduca, chairman of the referendum committee.


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