Senator Schumer hopes that by April 20 marijuana will be decriminalized in the U.S.

Written by on 22 April, 2021

Support for the legalization of marijuana by some politicians continues in the United States, such is the case of Senate leader Chuck Schumer, who last Tuesday reiterated his call to legalize marijuana throughout the United States and said he expects to see the end of the prohibition of the plant by April 20 next year.

“Hopefully, the next time this unofficial holiday comes around, April 20, our country will have made progress in addressing the mass criminalization of marijuana in a meaningful and comprehensive way,” the senator said on the upper chamber hall.

Senator Schumer said that the war on drugs in his country “has too often been a war on people, especially people of color.”

Schumer also stated that he believes the time has come to end federal cannabis prohibition in the United States, so he took the opportunity to mention that he is working with Senators Ron Wyden and Cory Booker on “legislation to do just that.”

The perspective on marijuana in the United States has been changing in recent years. Until now, more than 14 states have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes and more than 30 allow medical use of the plant.

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