Pre-rolled joint sales increased almost 50% during pandemic

Written by on 23 March, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic affected thousands of businesses; however, the sale of pre-rolled joints exceeded expectations and in 2020 increased almost 50% in the states of California, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada and Washington.

That’s right, according to figures released by the consulting firm Headset, the aforementioned states, experienced a 47% increase in sales of pre-rolled joints, from $640 million during 2019 to $941 million during 2020.

Pre-rolled joints are the second highest selling item, second only to dried flower sales that reached 54% during that period.

Pre-rolled joints on the rise

This form of consumption is becoming more and more popular, as they come in different sizes (one gram, half a gram or “mini-joints”), allowing greater flexibility in prices, and are also ideal for users who have not yet mastered the art of rolling.

Operators say they expect this product to continue to perform well in 2021.

Charlie Langston, CEO of Wellness Connection of Maine, said sales of pre-rolled at the Portland-based company have doubled in the past two years. Langston attributes the product’s success to ease of use.

On the other hand, David Bleicher, brand manager for Dogwalkers, Green Thumb Industries Inc.’s line of pre-rolled, said, “Strong sales of pre-rolled are just the beginning.”

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