New York agrees to legalize marijuana for over 21 years old

Written by on 29 March, 2021

New York will soon join the list of states in the North American country that allow the growing and consumption of cannabis for recreational purposes. Yes, that’s right, late this Saturday, legislators and the governor of the entity Andrew Cuomo finalized an agreement that has been negotiated for weeks to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes.

Also, the bill that is expected to be ratified in the coming days will allow people over 21 years of age to consume marijuana and grow up to six plants (three that have matured and three that have not) for personal consumption.

Substantial Revenues

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration has estimated that the legalization of this plant could bring the state some $350 million in annual tax revenue and create tens of thousands of jobs.

Cuomo believes, “Legalizing adult-use cannabis seeks not only to create a new market that provides jobs and benefits the economy, but also to bring justice to long-marginalized communities and ensure that those who were unfairly penalized in the past now have the opportunity to benefit.”

Start of sales

If the bill passes, the legislation would go into effect immediately, however, cannabis sales would not begin until the state regulates the rules and establishes a cannabis board.

According to Assembly Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes, she estimates it could take anywhere from 18 months to two years for sales to begin.

She also said the negotiated legislation “provides long-awaited marijuana justice for New Yorkers and makes important steps and investments to begin to address the generational devastation caused by marijuana prohibition and mass incarceration.”

Some components of New York’s cannabis legalization bill

– Adults 21 and older would be able to purchase cannabis products from licensed retailers.

– Social consumption sites and delivery services would be allowed.

– Records of individuals with prior convictions for marijuana-related offenses would be automatically expunged.

– A new Bureau of Cannabis Management would be charged with regulating the recreational cannabis market, as well as existing medical marijuana and hemp programs. Members of the Cannabis Control Board would also oversee this office.


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