Mexican Senate approves law to regulate the use of marijuana

Written by on 20 November, 2020

The wave of the legalization of recreational marijuana is expanding in the world, and Mexico is not the exception, since the Senate of the Mexican country approved what many users were waiting for, and it is precisely the decriminalization and regulation of the use of recreational, medical and industrial cannabis.

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Legalization of recreational cannabis

With 82 votes in favor, 18 against and 7 abstentions, the Senate approved the new Federal Law for the Regulation of Cannabis and endorsed the creation of the Mexican Institute for the Regulation and Control of Cannabis.

In addition, it also approved reforms to the General Health Law and the Penal Code that prohibit the recreational use of marijuana.

“The step we are taking today is the first of many that are missing to reach a new drug policy that completely abandons the use of the criminal justice system, which criminalizes the consumers and enriches the traffickers,” expressed Patricia Mercado, Senator of Movimiento Ciudadano.

What does this mean?

This reform, which has yet to go to the House of Representatives for a vote, legalizes the growing, production, consumption, distribution, industrialization and sale of marijuana under federal control.

That is to say, that this measure will allow the sale and consumption of psychoactive cannabis to people over 18, (without the presence of minors), in addition it will allow the commercialization of non-psychoactive cannabis products for industrial purposes.

It will also grant licenses to grow cannabis. The users will be able to grow from six to eight plants per domicile.

In addition, users will be able to carry up to 28 grams of cannabis for self-consumption. However, the law still contemplates criminal sanctions for the possession of more than 200 grams of cannabis and fines for carrying between 28 and 200 grams, and consumption in public spaces is not yet permitted.

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