Meet your ideal stoner partner on this new dating website

Written by on 25 March, 2022

There are many dating websites and apps out there; however, if you’re a marijuana lover, you may find it; difficult to find your significant other on these sites due to the stigma still associated with cannabis.

Luckily,, a new dating website, is an ideal place for marijuana smokers to connect and build relationships.

“People have been living more 420-friendly lifestyles – is perfect for people to find that special someone. We are the cupids of cannabis,” said Jim Trainer, the site’s creator.

Details about the website

As reviewed by Cannabisn24, marijuana users can search for like-minded people on the site, “using their appreciation for cannabis as a gateway to a relationship. They can hang out safely from the comfort of their own homes.”

It’s worth mentioning that with, you can sign up and get a free account. It also allows you to perform an advanced search for weed lovers around your area. You can filter between sexual preference, gender, age, and location.

Users connect with others by moving through their profile and giving them “likes” to express interest.

They can also change between users who are currently online, submit verified profile photos, send messages, chat with others and mark them as a favorite, and even get to know each other better through video chat if they want to.


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