Meet the OTTO Grinder of Banana Bros

Written by on 5 August, 2020

In the cannabis, market there is of course a wide variety of products and devices designed for marijuana users. In this post, we present you the OTTO Grinder from Banana Bros, so keep reading.

Automatic Grinder

This product is an electric grinder that will undoubtedly delight many cannabis users, because it goes one step further, as it is capable of finely chopping your plant matter (at an optimum point) and filling and assembling a perfect cone, at the touch of a button.

The OTTO Grinder is an innovative and easy to use product. It will save your time, when shredding your cannabis and preparing your cone and the best thing is that you will not waste any marijuana.


If you are one of those who likes stylish products, the OTTO Grinder is perfect for you. This device has a completely elegant and lightweight design, and consists of two aluminum-milling plates that will crush all your plants.

The OTTO Grinder, thanks to its patented SMART technology, detects the consistency of the marijuana and automatically adjusts the type of grinding, to achieve the right consistency.

This device can be charged via USB cable. In addition, the purchase of the device includes among other things:

-1 Funnel.

-1 Measuring container.

-1 USB cable for quick charging.

-1 Tool 4 – in – 1 Tool.

-1 Hermetic tube of Cones.

-20-Banana Bros.









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