Meet the grinder card

Written by on 5 July, 2020

The grinder is an excellent tool to chop your vegetable matter in a uniform way, and nowadays you can get them in the market in different sizes, colors and material with which they are made, such as wood, plastic, metal and aluminum, among others, and although, generally, they are usually circular, you can also get them in card form. If you want to know more, read on.

Effective instrument

As with any conventional grinder, with the card grinder you can also crush your buds effectively, as this is an extremely simple instrument.

How to use it?

The way to use this tool is very similar to the use of a common cheese grinder. You only have to place your precious flowers in the sharp part of this element, and start scraping so that the plants fall into the container that you must place underneath previously. Apply a little force against the card to make it work better.

Advantages of the grinder card

Among the main advantages of using this instrument are:

1) The card comes semi-sharp and you can use it with different varieties of cannabis.

2) Due to its simple design, you can easily carry this grinder with you, as it fits perfectly in your wallet, as it measures almost the same as a credit card.

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