Meet the first marijuana museum in Croatia that opened recently 

Written by on 12 April, 2022

Recently opened in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, the first museum in the country dedicated to marijuana. The 400 m2 museum has two floors plus a long outdoor space and is located across the street from the Ministry of the Interior.

The museum will offer visitors an educational experience in which they can learn more about the history of marijuana, the morphology of the plant, its life cycle, and it is even possible to see a great plant growing inside the space.

This place also offers cultural exhibits ranging from cannabis-themed music to movies. Visitors will also learn about medicinal cannabis and the wide-ranging usefulness of hemp.

As reviewed by High Times; the exhibit addresses the recreational use of the plant with warnings about the potential dangers of its consumption.

“This plant is present throughout human history in virtually every civilization; it has numerous benefits, from universal uses to fuel, textiles, and even others. It is known in the field of medicine,” Tvrtko Kracun, founder of the museum, told AFP.

“Admission is free for all employees of the ministries of health, agriculture, and interior, as these three institutions are regulating the legal use of the plant,” he said.

On the other hand, visitors will also be able to purchase a wide variety of legal cannabidiol (CBD) products such as drinks, oils, and sprays in the museum lobby.





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