Marijuana users have sex more often, survey finds 

Written by on 26 February, 2022

A survey, commissioned by MariMed’s Betty’s Eddie’s edibles brand and conducted by The Harris Poll of nearly 2,000 U.S. adults, concluded that marijuana users have sex more often than those who do not use the plant.

The survey found that among sexually active adults, half of the marijuana users said they have sex several times a week or more, compared to only 35% of non-users of cannabis, El Planter reported.

Likewise, the survey also found that 65% of cannabis users who lead an active sex life agree that this substance improves their sex life, while 67% claim that cannabis helps them feel like having sex.

According to Cannabisn24, specifically, the survey was conducted online in the United States, from January 27 to 31 of this year, and “included 1967 adults over the age of 21, of which 763 consume cannabis, defined by the survey as THC-rich cannabis products.”

A natural aphrodisiac

Other results of the survey showed that more than half (51%) of the marijuana consumers consulted believe that marijuana is a natural aphrodisiac, and 30% consider this plant to be the most effective natural aphrodisiac, even more than chocolate (16%) or oysters (12%).

MariMed COO Tim Shaw said the survey validates the company’s product development strategy and ingredient selection, “that yes, cannabis users want and have more sex than non-users,” he said.

“As more consumers continue to seek custom-use products, MariMed is on a mission to offer a house of brands with high-quality products to meet those demands. These are innovative products like Smashin’ Passion,” a chewing gum containing a blend of natural aphrodisiacs.




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