Marijuana strains to grow as soon as possible

Written by on 2 August, 2022

In the cannabis market you can find a lot of marijuana strains that take just a few weeks to go from seed to harvest, so if you have little time to invest in your growing, choose these types of cannabis plants.

To help you choose the strain that’s right for you, check out this list of fast-growing strains from Royal Queen Seeds:

1- Quick One

This plant is considered to be one of the fastest autoflowering marijuana strains in the world, so if you’re looking for speed, this strain will be the best choice.

The Quick One strain is usually ready for harvest in only 8 weeks from germination. It can also reach a height between 50 and 60 cm and produce up to 150g per plant.

2- Royal Cheese

This marijuana strain is characterized by producing an intense smell and the smoke of its cured buds is dense and aromatic.

The Royal Cheese usually grows about one and a half meters high indoors. This plant will be ready after 6-8 weeks and produces up to 550 grams per square meter.

3- Easy Bud

The easy to grow Easy Bud strain tends to grow fast, this variety will become a mature plant in as little as eight weeks. The yields it offers reach up to 325g/m² indoors and about 30-80g per plant outdoors.

Easy Bud produces frosty buds with a THC content of 12%, and its flowers contain citrus and earthy terpenes. This strain tends to produce a calming and subtle effect.

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