Marijuana is the sixth most valuable growing in the U.S., according to a new Leafly report

Written by on 11 November, 2022

According to a new report by Leafly, the wholesale value of marijuana in 15 states where recreational use is legal has reached 5 billion dollars, making it the sixth most valuable cash crop in the United States.

The report says that marijuana is above other crops such as potatoes and rice. This without taking into account that the report does not take as a reference the medical cannabis that serves thousands of people in the North American country.

Those in charge of the research evaluated licensing records for legal cannabis states, sales and tax reports, as well as “commercial price data, field measurements, USDA cultivation values and expert input to develop the report,” Marijuana Moment reported.

The authors conclude that marijuana is an important component of the agricultural industry and that there are nearly 13,300 U.S. farms growing marijuana for adult use in the 15 states covered.

Increased Growing

Researchers in the report found that in 2021, farmers grew 24% more metric tons of adult-use marijuana compared to the previous year. Overall, they grew 2,834 metric tons of cannabis.

The report says that if the states where medical cannabis is legal were included in the analysis, the total yield would be “about 3 to 5 times higher” and even more if hemp growing, which is allowed at the federal level, were taken into account.

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