Marijuana is the key to happiness

Written by on 4 March, 2021

The human being is always looking for happiness, and the truth is that there is no magic formula for it, but there is no denying that a good strain of cannabis can contribute to that feeling of joy, so is smoking marijuana the key to be happy?

Well, look at this article and find out the results of a research on this topic Don’t take your eyes off this post!

Marijuana users are happier

Marijuana users make more money, spend more time outdoors and are even more satisfied with their lives. Yes, those are the conclusions reached by a study done by consulting firm BDS analytics in California and Colorado in 2017.

Gone are the stereotypes that often associate smokers as a lazy and unmotivated person.

To conduct the research 2000 adults were surveyed, divided into three different profiles: consumers in the last six months, like-minded non-users and those who are adamantly opposed to the use of this plant. Of those surveyed, 1200 of them acknowledged that they had used marijuana in the last six months.

When compared between the three aforementioned profiles, cannabis users tend to rank higher on a number of indicators related to personal and social satisfaction.

“Positive lifestyle indicators such as volunteering, socializing, and satisfaction with activities outside the home are higher among cannabis users. At least in Colorado and California,” comments Lisa Gilbert, managing director of the BDS Consumer Research Division.

The study showed that cannabis consumers have higher earnings in their jobs, the average income of a Californian cannabis lover is around $93,800 a year, a non-consumer, although favorable, $72,800, and a detractor, $75,900.

The research also showed that beyond social consumption, the majority of respondents say they use cannabis for their physical, mental and emotional well-being.




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