Marijuana and the Elderly? How does it help the elderly?

Written by on 16 May, 2020

It’s funny to you why our grandparents use cannabis? Read the following information very carefully and you will come away with all your questions.

Recently, there has been an increase in cannabis use among older adults, elders and grandparents.

Studies made in recognized Universities have scientifically proved that some of the compounds of cannabis are positive and beneficial for aspects such as learning or memory, and there are many who bet on its use with a medical and healing spirit.

THC has been shown to be positive for maintaining the activity of the endocannabinoid system, that is, the part of the brain related to appetite, pain and mood. Marijuana use prevents the deterioration of this system with aging.

During research published on May 4, 2019, at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology, it was learned that 69% of older adults who received some dose of marijuana were able to undergo major physical, neural and medical changes in their treatments.

Relieving pain, improving sleep and reducing anxiety were many of those favorable changes evidenced with this therapy.  It seeks to prove that medical cannabis can provide relief to older people who have all kinds of health difficulties.

Diseases such as Parkinson’s, neuropathy, Alzheimer’s, spinal cord damage and multiple sclerosis are many of the conditions that can be treated with medical cannabis.

A New York University study has found that cannabis is not perceived as a dangerous drug by the elderly and is used to treat chronic conditions.

In conclusion, the added benefits that this green plant has on the elderly are relaxation, decreased anxiety, reduced stress, and decreased chronic pain.

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