Maltese legislators approve a bill to legalize marijuana consumption and growing

Written by on 15 December, 2021

Malta’s Parliament on Tuesday approved a bill to legalize the possession, use, and marijuana grown for recreational purposes, making the country the first in the European Union to enact such a regulation.

A total of 36 Maltese MPs have backed the regulation, called the Responsible Use of Cannabis Act, while 27 legislators voted against it. Maltese President George Vella is expected to promulgate the initiative in the coming days.

Under the new legislation, sponsored by MP Owen Bonnici, adults over the age of 18 will be allowed to possess up to seven grams of cannabis and grow up to four plants for personal use. However, consuming marijuana in public remains prohibited.

If an adult possesses more than seven grams of marijuana but less than 28 grams they risk being fined €50 to €100, with no threat of jail or criminal record. He could receive a fine of approximately 300 to 500 if he consumes the substance in front of a minor.

“While there would be no commercial market per se, non-profit cooperatives could grow marijuana and distribute it to members,” Marijuana Moment reported.

It is worth mentioning that Malta is not the first country in Europe to propose a policy change regarding recreational cannabis, as countries such as Germany and Luxembourg have already made headlines for their efforts to legalize the plant.


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