Legendary OG Punch a strain with 19% of THC perfect for growing 

Written by on 28 November, 2022

In the cannabis world there are many strains that you can choose for your plantation, if you have not yet decided on one, here we will introduce you to the variety Legendary OG Punch from Royal Queen Seeds, which can be a good candidate for growing.

THC content and effects 

This strain is able to offer stoners a THC level of 19%. Legendary OG Punch despite being a hybrid, its high is intensely focused on soothing the aches and pains of physical labor. In addition, the powerful sedation ensures a night of total rest.

It is important to mention that while its effect is mainly focused on the body, you can also expect mild waves of euphoria.

Growing Characteristics 

As for the yield this strain offers if you give it plenty of space indoors, it will reward you with 350-400g/m² and will take only 60-65 days to flower. Outdoor growers on the other hand, can expect to harvest in early October and get a yield of 500-550g/plant.

Also, this plant can reach a height of 90-160cm indoors, while outdoors it can grow 180-220cm.


This strain will make you fall in love with its incredible aroma, growers will notice the presence of this strain as soon as they get close to it. You will enjoy a fruity aroma with hints of pine and citrus.


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