Learn more about cannabis-infused wine  

Written by on 6 August, 2022

In recent years cannabis users, in addition to smoking the plant, have also become interested in trying other consumption alternatives such as enjoying marijuana-infused wines.

If you are a fan of this type of beverage we invite you to learn more about them.

Cannabis-infused wine 

Cynthia Salarizadeh, founder and president of House of Saka, told El Planteo that marijuana-infused wine is a drink that has been around for thousands of years and is one of the original marijuana products.

“It’s less of a trend and more of a resurgence, now that regulations and the industry have matured enough that people want to do it again,” Salarizadeh said.

In the past, the wine that was made was combinations of the plant and alcohol, but according to El Planteo, current regulations prohibit the mixing of cannabis and alcohol. It is also forbidden to use the term “wine” for its packaging and commercialization.

The cannabis wine you can get at dispensaries is non-alcoholic wine mixed with a THC or CBD emulsion. The alcohol is removed from the wine before it is infused with cannabis. It looks like a regular bottle of wine, but the taste is slightly changed.

Wine-making process 

At least three different companies are involved in the production chain of these beverages, including: the company that provides the cannabis solution, the producer of the beverage and the distributor, who delivers the product to dispensaries.

After the alcohol has been extracted, the “vin-fusions” (as House of Saka calls them) “are sent to a manufacturer that has a license to infuse beverages with cannabis. Nanoemulsions, a process of breaking down cannabis particles into components so small that they mix easily with liquids, are the main method of infusing cannabis into beverages,” reported El Planteo.


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