Learn how to make marijuana oil at home

Written by on 21 April, 2020

Nowadays there are many methods to enjoy the properties of marijuana, more and more people are using this plant not only for recreational purposes, but also for therapy, so take advantage of this time at home to learn to do something new, because in this opportunity we will explain how to make marijuana oil in a simple way.

You will see, although this recipe is not as pure and quality, as the elaboration in a professional way, it does not require so many elements and the best thing is that you probably have all the materials in your home, so you can make it easier.


The difference with CBD oil

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that marijuana oil and CBD oil are not the same, although it is true that both are derived from cannabis, this differs from CBD oil, precisely because marijuana oil has a low content of cannabidiol and a high percentage of THC (psychoactive component), while CBD oil is the opposite case.


Steps for making marijuana oil

1) The first thing you should look for to start making cannabis oil, are the ingredients and tools needed, which consist of a grinder, extra virgin olive oil, dried and cured marijuana, a glass jar, a strainer and finally a sterile jar.

2) Crush the buds and make sure they are well shredded, for this, help yourself by using a grinder or marijuana grinder. Then put your vegetable matter in a glass jar, also add extra virgin olive oil until it is covered.

3) Then, for at least two hours, heat the jar in a bain-marie at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, and then let the mixture rest for three days in a dark, dry place.

4) Try to stir it constantly so that the marijuana releases all the components, which make this plant one of the most desired.

5) When the time has passed, strain the mixture and pour it into a sterile jar and store it where it does not receive light.



Do not use this oil for frying food, as the high temperatures cause the properties to be lost. The best way to consume it is raw or as a salad dressing, (one drop is enough to feel its effects).

Other ways to use this oil are sublingually or by applying it to the skin, with a few small massages.


Before ingesting the marijuana oil, check its potency, starting with a drop, and wait for a few hours, until you feel the effects. If it turns out to be too strong, don’t worry, you can add 1/4 more of the same virgin olive oil to this mixture. Perform this procedure as many times as you consider.

Also, try to label your container, so that you avoid confusion.

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