Learn how to get a grow tent for marijuana growing

Written by on 19 July, 2022

If you prefer to keep your cannabis plants under wraps, but you don’t know how to assemble a closet for indoor growing, don’t worry, here we will give you some indications so you can learn how to do it and get great results.

You see, if you buy a closet, instead of building it by your own means, it will be much easier to assemble it. Anyway, if the manufacturer’s instructions are not clear to you, you can follow the following considerations:

1.- Assemble the structure

In general, commercial cabinets usually have a similar structure, consisting of a series of aluminum tubes and a canvas with zippers. These tubes must be assembled to begin to form the skeleton of the cabinet, so keep them all in place, following the numbering or indications that the tubes have.

Afterwards, unfold the closet by opening its zippers and adapt the structure to the base that you destined, then cover it with the fabric of the closet.

2.- Lighting

Taking care of the illumination is a very important point for your growing to be successful. If the kits you purchased do not include lights, you can buy them. The most recommended are high pressure sodium bulbs; to use them you will need a ballast that regulates the power.

You must also be aware if the lights are of low consumption, because the power of these, must be in balance with the size of the cabinet and also, the amount of lights that you install, otherwise, you will not obtain the expected result.


Mount the reflector and hang it on the upper tubes of the grow tent. When it is ready, screw the lamp into the reflector socket, and set the timer. In any case always follow the steps of the manufacturer, this way you will be more sure.

3.- Extractor and fan

It is always advisable to install your cabinet near a window to extract the air from the growing area. In this sense, the next step is to install an extractor fan; also, place a fan inside the cabinet, to avoid the generation of hot or cold air pockets.

4.- Anti-odor filter

Another relevant aspect is the anti-odor filter, as you know, marijuana usually has intense odors that you must control. Try to connect the filter to the extractor, keeping a minimum distance of one centimeter from the ceiling of the cabinet, so that it is effective. Carbon filters are ideal in these cases.


Use devices to control the temperature and humidity, remember that these are very important elements.







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