Learn about the characteristics of Zamnesia’s Premium Grinder

Written by on 25 August, 2020

If you are one of those users who likes to smoke a good joint from time to time, you will know that in the cannabis market there are an infinity of accessories destined to improve your experience, one of them, are the grinders.

In this opportunity, we want to talk to you about a grinder model that surely will become your favorite tool. We will present you some characteristics of the Zamnesia Premier Grinder; look at this post.

Premium Grinder

The Premium Grinder uses metal blades quickly process the buds.  Grinding your marijuana will be very easy.

This cannabis crusher is characterized by three chambers: a crushing chamber, a collection chamber and a pollen tray.

This device is made of aluminum alloy, is strong and lightweight, able to withstand falls, it is also ideal for carrying it everywhere. It has a diameter of 63 mm, a height of 47 mm and a weight of 124 g.

The grinding chamber has a windmill design, which will allow the grinding process to be more efficient.

Once you have your cannabis crushed, the windmill sweeps the crushed flower into the collection chamber through holes. The plant material is placed on a screen and the loose trichomes pass through it to form kief in the pollen tray below.




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