International Marijuana Day? Smokes! Let’s celebrate…

Written by on 12 April, 2020

There are many who wonder, why is it 4/20? Smokers and specialists in the cannabis world, if they know it and that’s why this is the month to celebrate, to smoke, to vape, to spend “high” and enjoy a good “mota”.

In the following post, we explain to you why 04/2020, is a date, which coincides perfectly this year, with the lovers of ‘Mary Jane’.

For more than 40 years, the expression “420” has identified the cannabic community in the world.

The most widespread story tells of a group of students called “Los Waldos” from San Rafael High School in California who appropriated a supply of marijuana that a person could no longer afford. The kids got into the habit of getting together to go smoke pot every day at 4:20 under the statue of Louis Pasteur, which is in the school.

The expression “4:20 Louis” thus became an easy-to-remember secret code that could be said in front of parents and teachers and that is where it was born.

Today, the expression “420” brings together consumers, sellers and producers of marijuana internationally and on the web, expressing unity, solidarity and actions in pro of legalization.

From hour to day!

The expression ceased to mean 4:20 in the afternoon, to become established among the community as the 20th of the fourth month of the year, which makes this date the International Day of Consumption and Fight for Legalization of Marijuana. Thousands of people around the world gather at public events to smoke marijuana on this day, particularly at this time.

In countries and states where marijuana use is not legal, the celebration of “420” is, in turn, an open protest against the authority, which is limited and prevented from acting, doing so in a peaceful manner.

In other world famous cities, they gather to do activities and show support for the cannabis community, such as London, Amsterdam, Madrid and Barcelona in Europe; as well as San Rafael, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle and New York in the United States, several Latin American countries.

Beginner friends, now that you know the story! ACTIVE with the 4/20 and the veteran smokers, to continue celebrating, with the best JOINT.

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