Ideal RQS accessories for smoking marijuana

Written by on 19 June, 2020

In the cannabis world, there are an infinite number of products and devices for smoking marijuana, all depending on the tastes and preferences of each smoker.

Here we present you 3 accessories made by one of the most important seed banks in the cannabis market, Royal Queens Seeds. With these products, you can improve your experience to the maximum.

1- Pollinator grinder

When you are about to smoke a blunt or a joint, one of the first steps is to grind your marijuana, so having a grinder among your cannabis accessories will always be a big help.

Crushing cannabis may not be your favorite part, but if you try this Royal Queens Seeds pollinator grinder, maybe your opinion will change.

This grinder is perfect for the experienced smoker, it comes with 4 pieces, the top is transparent, and so you can see how the buds are ground. In addition, so as not to waste anything, he has a deposit for Kief.

The model is simple and elegant, but also practical, measuring about 62mm in height.

2- Clipper lighter

Surely, at some point, you had no choice but to use a lighter with weak flames to light your joint, but that is over.

With the Clipper Lighter you no longer have to worry, you will enjoy a quality device and easy to use. Besides, its design is really eye-catching.

3- Watertight canister

Usually many users keep their marijuana in an old can or jam jar, but it is not always a great idea to keep your plants.

Royal Queens Seeds brings you a high quality watertight canister, its design is great, it comes with different sizes, ranging from 4 to 16oz (110 to 450g approx.).

It also comes with a childtight screw cap, an outer sleeve and a lid so you can keep your weed much longer than those old containers.

Therefore, when you are smoking and want to save some for later, with the Royal Queens Seeds watertight canister, you can have the peace of mind of keeping your cannabis.

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