How to Taste Marijuana?

Written by on 12 May, 2020

Cannabis culture is much broader than you can imagine. Did you know that? Can you taste cannabis? You’ll find out it’s not just wine tasting. Join us in doing it with Mary Jane!

A marijuana tasting is a professional experience worth knowing in detail, so you can get an idea of what the consumption of this plant really entails.

Role of a taster

The function of the marijuana taster is similar to that of a wine taster. That is, the person who performs this task must test various varieties of cannabis, assess their appearance, aroma, taste and effect, but avoid getting it up in order to maintain their professional criteria in the next test.

Knowing the varieties

There are a large number of varieties of this plant that have very different nuances both on the palate and in the mind. Therefore, in order to make a good tasting it is necessary to know all of them and know how to distinguish those that fit better with the expectations created in matters of taste and effect. 


The sample of marijuana that is presented in a tasting must have a perfect appearance, for it must be clean of seeds, well manicured and other elements that can alter the flavor of the bud. In addition, it is very important that the sample does not contain fungi or pests.

It must have a correct drying, because it is checked that when the bud is compressed it recovers its sponginess without problems. The amount of resin that can be observed in the bud is also important, because it gives information about its maturity and cannabinoid content.


Cannabis can generate an infinite number of tastes and smells, depending on its variety. For this reason, tasting experts make a classification of the main aromas that this herb can offer.

When tasting the smell, the following is taken into account:

1-First, the intensity of the smell detected when opening the bag in which the bud is found is evaluated.

2-Then the bud is grinned, to perceive all the odors present in the sample. Here the intensity of the odour is evaluated as well as the different aromas.

3-When smoking the joint, the smell should be as similar as possible to the one detected when the bud was grilled. Also taken into account, the appearance of the smoke, both its color, if this is white, will be a sign that the plant has received proper care and excellent healing and density.

4-The aspect of the ash is also analyzed, being the white the one that obtain better valuation.

To get to know these nuances, it is undoubtedly indispensable to have a great deal of experience and knowledge of the various varieties of marijuana that exist.

 The taste

 Marijuana is a plant that has many flavors. For a positive evaluation of this aspect, the flavors are analyzed from the beginning of the joint until it is finished. A good quality sample is that which, at the end of the joint, continues to impregnate the lips with resin and gives a flavor when smoked. Its different flavors are fruity, citrus, earthy, herbal, incense and complex.

Samples that have had an excess of fertilizers should be avoided, as this will cause the taster to start coughing and detect metallic flavors when tasting it.

The effect

 Marijuana can produce different effects, depending on the characteristics of each plant. In this part of the tasting, the speed, duration and type of effect obtained from each sample will be evaluated.

The sample that obtains better valuation is the one that during the first puffs offers a fast and notorious effect besides lasting, also it depends on the tolerance of whom the test. We must not forget that there are sativa or indica varieties, each with very different effects.

Are you more than ready to make the tasting of “Mary Jane”?

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