How to pass the 4/20 in times of COVID-19?

Written by on 12 April, 2020

We know that this month 04/2020 is a date to share weed and joints with good friends, celebrate and enjoy the group highs as much as you deserve; but in this time of pandemic, we must restrain ourselves from many things. However, we have good options for you.

Whether you have your growing on hand or a good supply of marijuana at home? There’s no better way to celebrate than to relax at home, smoke a good joint, and protect yourself from COVID-19.

Here are the options so you don’t miss out on the 4/20th month:

1.- Smoking a joint in the garden, or on your balcony is a good alternative, or if you prefer in the comfort of your room.

2.- Watch a movie lying on the couch, while you dabbing one of your best strains, for a good high. Don’t forget! Have some snacks at hand.

3.- Vape your favorite marijuana, relaxed and enjoying your high, while listening to music, anywhere in your home.

4.- Exercise and then, prepare a delicious cannabis smoothie, you can choose a fruit or citrus strain, the one you want most.

5.- Practice your baking skills and prepare cannabic desserts such as: cookies, brownies, cakes or ice cream. Choose your best buds for a sweet recipe.

6 .- Clean, water and take care of your growing, you also have to guard your most precious treasure, then sit quietly to smoke a joint, while watching your green world at home.

You already have the different options of a 4/20 in quarantine; you are protected from the virus and celebrating a special date and time.


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