How do you know when to relocate your marijuana to another pot?

Written by on 23 April, 2021

If you grow your marijuana photoperiodically in pots, you will know that generally often you will need to transplant your girls to a larger pot to ensure that they have more space.

Well, to ensure that your pot planting is a success, it is ideal that you relocate your flowers at the right time, but how do you know when to do it?

You see, every cannabis plantation is different; therefore, there are not specific days to carry out this task, so you should be aware of each of your girls to determine when is the most ideal time. However, there are certain signs that may indicate that it is time to move your Mary Jane to another container.

Signs that your cannabis plants need transplanting

– It is generally recommended to plant the germinated seed in a small container. As your plant grows you will realize that you should transplant it when its roots have colonized the substrate they are. Look at, if the roots grow tangled or protrude from under the pot.

– Some signs that will indicate that you should transplant your Mary Jane urgently, when you observe partial leaf decay or general yellowing of the plant.

– If when you water your flowers the potting soil dries out too quickly, chances are your plants need to move to another pot with more space.

– The plant will tell you that it needs another pot, when it shows signs of slowing growth or when you can see that the plant is too large compared to the pot it is planted in.


To avoid future inconveniences, it is very important that you keep in mind that transplants should be done during the vegetative stage and not when your girls are in the flowering stage.


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