Hemp wick? Find out how to use it to light your cannabis

Written by on 17 June, 2020

Lighters are an indispensable tool when you’re about to light your plant material for consumption in a joint or a pipe, but what if I told you that the hemp wick can be even better than conventional lighters for lighting your cannabis.

What is a hemp wick?

As its name suggests, the hemp wick, is a wick made from the hemp plant, which, has multiple properties that are used by various companies to produce different products such as soap and textile raw material, among others.

In addition to hemp, this product is coated with beeswax, and once lit, it can then be used to light a bong or a joint.

Why should you consider this method of lighting your plants?

1) No chemicals: as we have mentioned before, the materials with which the hemp wick, is made are natural, therefore, it does not contain chemicals that can be harmful to your health, unlike those that do contain lighters and matches.

2) Better taste: With this method, you can get a better tasting smoke and a much more natural experience.

3) Keeps the components of cannabis: as this wick burns at a low temperature, less cannabinoids and terpenes are burned and removed.



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