Happy Mother’s Day to all cannabis mothers!

Written by on 8 May, 2022

In several countries around the world, this Sunday is celebrated Mother’s Day, a holiday in honor of that special being who gave us life, who loves us and supports us in good times and bad.

It is to admire the work that mothers do, to take care of their children. Especially, those cannabis moms, who not only use marijuana as part of their lifestyle, also to improve the health of their children.

Cannabis and motherhood

As we mentioned, many women see cannabis as a perfect alternative to help them fulfill their daily tasks, including their maternal role.

Although the relationship between marijuana and motherhood is still a topic full of prejudices, some mothers who belong to the stoner community join associations, groups on social networks, among others, to share their knowledge about the drug and the experience of being a mom.

For example, the group called MamaJamPower, through its Instagram account, generates content related to marijuana and motherhood, and provides a space for all those women who wish to share their experiences.

As well as this social network, many others bring together mothers who freely discuss the consumption of cannabis and who are in favor of the legalization of the plant.

From Mota Radio we send our best wishes to all mothers on their day, especially to all those marijuana lovers. Celebrate this date in the company of a good joint of cannabis!






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