Happy Father’s Day! Dads celebrate this date smoking marijuana

Written by on 20 June, 2021

There are many types of dads, there are those who like to have a beer after a long day at work, while others prefer to roll up a joint and smoke it, if you are one of the latter then maybe this post will interest you.

For those cannabis-loving dads what better way to celebrate this Father’s Day than smoking a good strain of weed.

You can opt to choose a sativa, because usually these flowers tend to cause a much more cerebral, energetic and stimulating effect, which are perfect for celebrating. If you have not yet chosen a variety here are some that are sure to fascinate you:

1- Choco Candy

This strain, from Zambeza Seeds, was created by crossing two potent strains, Chocolate Haze and OG Chocolate Thai.

This Haze hybrid is a sativa dominant plant that will offer you a THC level of up to 21%. With every smoke, you will enjoy a delicious aroma and taste. The effect caused by this strain is very lively.

2- Jamaican Dream

This mostly sativa cannabis flower, from Eva Seeds seedbank, will offer you a powerful, active, energetic and very funny effect.

This variety is perfect to enjoy a smoke session; its THC content is between 17-21%, not negligible figures.

3- Super Silver Haze

The Super Silver Haze will be the ideal strain to celebrate this Father’s Day. This plant is an exquisite combination of Haze, Skunk and Northern Lights that will reward you with a powerful high.

The cerebral effect it produces will give you an uplifting experience. The mix of sweet and spicy aromas it gives off will delight you.


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