HAPPY 4/20! World Marijuana Day

Written by on 20 April, 2020

Happy 4/20 to all our stoner friends! Today we celebrate an important date, the “Evergreen” day, the “World Marijuana Day”, a perfect date to celebrate with the best company: weed.

In different parts of the world people are fighting for the legalization of marijuana and this date, besides being ideal to celebrate, is perfect to support its legalization.

Today, thanks to this constant struggle, several Latin American countries such as Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia have given way to the cannabis world, either allowing medicinal or recreational use of the plant.

It is expected that more and more countries will join the fight to lift the existing prohibition on cannabis as time goes by. Likewise, in countries such as the United States and Canada, medicinal and recreational use of the plant is growing, giving way to a large number of innovations.

The cannabis world has opened up in the textile, cosmetic and beauty fields, even in the automobile industry, making use of hemp and its derived oils.

More and more the “Cannabis Boom” is making its way in the world!

It’s 4/20 time, it’s time to celebrate, to smoke a good joint, to vape a rich strain, to smoke a good hashish, to enjoy a high with the best “MOTA” you have at home, you can do it in the garden, in your room, on the couch, in the company of your partner or alone with your “MOTA”, the one that never fails.




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