Get to know the different types of lighters

Written by on 28 June, 2020

In the cannabis world there is a great variety of products and perhaps one of the most used are the lighters, because they represent a very important element to light your vegetable matter, but do you know the different models that you can get in the market? In this post, we present you some of them.

1. Disposable lighters

Disposable lighters are undoubtedly, among the most widely used by cannabis users, particularly because they are less expensive. This type of lighter usually uses butane gas.

2. Plasma lighters

Plasma lighters are electric and do not contain any flammable substances. If you are, one of those who likes new technologies this model will be ideal for you, as they are very modern, and can be charged through a USB cable.

This device has some coils that generate electricity in a diagonal, in the form of “x”, and when unloading they burn anything that is exposed to it, so you must use it with precaution.

3. Blowtorch Lighters

This model of lighter offers a very powerful flame, because it releases air along with the butane. In addition, they are perfect for those places where the weather conditions are extreme, that is, if you are in a place where there is wind, surely you will not have many inconveniences to use it.

Although this lighter generates a small flame, it is very intense and resistant to the wind, as it reaches temperatures higher than those reached by disposable lighters, and the best thing is that they are rechargeable.

Other options

Another alternative that many people are considering is hemp wick, as it is made of natural materials and does not release chemicals that can be inhaled and harm the health of consumers.

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