Get to know the art of creating figures with marijuana concentrates

Written by on 24 November, 2022

Marijuana users are usually looking for new alternatives to enjoy and experiment with their favorite plant. One of the latest trends among weed lovers is to use pure cannabinoid extractions with extraordinary shapes, a practice known as Dab Art, but what exactly is it?

Dab Art “is the creation of figures with cannabis concentrates as raw material,” defines THC Magazine. This practice has only been around for a few years, however, silicone molds with specific shapes are already on the market.

BHO Shatter, the best concentrate

In the cannabis world there is a great variety of cannabis concentrates, one of the best to put Dab Art into practice, according to specialists in extractions, is the BHO Shatter, due to its ease of molding.

This extraction is characterized by being generally translucent, although it should also be mentioned that its coloration can vary in some cases, from a bright amber similar to honey to a darker yellow tone, similar to caramel.

According to the aforementioned media, Shatter contains a large amount of THC, among the analyses made, most of the results exceed 70% of this cannabinoid. The highest percentage recorded is a concentration of up to 90%.

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