First recreational marijuana sales in New Mexico exceed 3 million dollars

Written by on 6 April, 2022

The start of the adult-use marijuana program in New Mexico, United States, was a success, as in the first three days of the launch of the new market, sales registered a total of more than 3.52 million dollars.

According to figures provided to MJBizDaily by the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department (NMRLD), on Friday, April 1, the opening date of the recreational market, adult-use marijuana sales totaled approximately $1.97 million, Saturday’s sales totaled $1 million and Sunday’s sales were more than $550,000.

Likewise, during those same three days, medical marijuana sales totaled approximately $1.7 million.

Also of note, the NMRLD reported that during Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, a total of 57,890 adult-use cannabis transactions took place, while, during the same period, the bureau reported 29,883 medical marijuana transactions.

“New Mexico was ready for this historic opportunity to end prohibition,” said Cannabis Control Division Director Kristen Thomson.

She also noted that the successful launch of the market this weekend is something they can “be proud of.”

As reviewed by High Times, sales officially began after midnight Friday, “as hundreds of eager customers lined up outside dispensaries in anticipation of the historic opening.”

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