Enjoy a great night of “Halloweed”

Written by on 31 October, 2022

The celebration of Halloween has a long history in European countries and mainly in the United States. However, from a few years ago to the present, in Latin America it has become popular to a degree that commercial sales allusive to this pagan festival are increasing with each end of October.

Now, there are numerous recommendations to have a good time on this terrifying night, and what better than including marijuana in your plans to enjoy this “Halloweed”.


There are many who choose to stay at home, watching the best TV offers on horror movies, with countless titles and a good joint. From the creepy Freddy Krueger saga, The Exorcist or the whole Anabelle universe, to the funny ones like The Simpsons or Scary Movie specials; the proposals are the order of the night.

There are party options everywhere, where venues get imaginative by decorating their respective spaces with bats, pumpkins, witches and more. This is where the recreational use of cannabis comes into play, although we recommend that you use an assigned driver, in case you also combine the party with some beer or other beverage.

Let your imagination run wild

Halloween costumes are a must, there are numerous proposals to choose from, from the traditional witch costumes to the funniest and spookiest ones you can think of.

If you want to listen to music, there are incredible options such as Michael Jackson’s Thriller, 80’s pop, scary heavy metal, among others.

As it is a date where traditionally a lot of sweets are consumed, what better occasion than to make your own candies flavored with cannabis, the popular brownies, cookies or cakes. With some green added to the recipe, you will be in high spirits and enjoy to the fullest. Just remember to consume your cannabis candy in moderation.

The different strains to use will depend on what you get in the market. The important thing is to have a good time and enjoy cannabis without affecting anyone in the framework of a horror holiday that has taken over the taste of Latinos enormously.

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