Does marijuana enhance your sexual activity?

Written by on 3 May, 2020

In the next post you will read about the commonly called “green gold”, which was used by our ancestors as a powerful aphrodisiac, where ancient civilizations already used cannabis to enhance and enjoy sex.

So, don’t let us out of your sight! Pay close attention to the benefits cannabis can give you in your intimacy. As well as getting creative!

Traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda, has used cannabis for hundreds of years to increase sexual appetite, fight impotence, lose inhibitions and enhance lubrication.

In many African communities, marijuana is traditionally considered a tool to treat sexual health problems and in Egypt, Morocco and Lebanon many people use “Kif”, the preparation that combines cannabis with other components and is used as an aphrodisiac.

Thanks to science today it is possible to know what is true in these “recipes of pleasure” and if cannabis really is a good ally for our sexual life.

Various scientific studies indicate that cannabis is effective as an aphrodisiac, since one of the active ingredients of the plant’s composition, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), stimulates the release of dopamine (the hormone of happiness) and anandamide (a compound that generates feelings of peace and happiness), in the brain.

With this cocktail of happiness and pleasure dancing through our nervous system, in combination with the increase in testosterone that is also produced by THC cannabis will trigger an increase in libido and sexual pleasure.


Why can marijuana help you have better sex?

According to Virginia Montañés, there are scientific studies that claim that cannabis has some properties that could help improve the quality of intimate relationships, so research suggests that marijuana

– Inhibits anxiety: it can help reduce the fear of failure and the nerves that some people suffer before sexual intercourse.

– Relaxes both physically and psychologically: this can help reduce nerves and make the experience flow more naturally.

– Intensifies the perception of the senses: awareness can contribute to increased physical pleasure.

– Increases libido: cannabis can help combat sexual inadequacy.

– It strengthens or implements emotional bonds between people who practice the act.

– It increases the attention of the individual in the technical aspects with the objective to satisfy the sexual partner.

In men, it helps resistance, sensitivity to touch, stronger and longer orgasms and a greater disposition for foreplay.

In women, it helps to a greater lubrication, greater capacity of excitement, multiple orgasms and control of the vaginal muscles.

We recommend that you take a low dose for best results and maximum enjoyment.

If you want to live a libidinous experience, look for a strain where you can get creative and activate those senses with your partner!


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