Do you know what joint art or spliffogami is? Here’s what it’s all about 

Written by on 29 July, 2022

Times are changing, now joint rolling has reached a higher level. It is no longer a question of rolling it in the traditional way, nowadays for many smokers rolling a marijuana cigarette is considered a true work of art.

What is joint art or spliffogami? According to El Planteo, the art of rolling joints is called joint art or spliffogami, a play on words between spliff and origami (the Japanese art of paper folding).

Likewise, the name spliffogami also honors the amount of effort and time required to carry out these particular works of art.

On social networks like Instagram you can see how many stoners show off their stupendous creations with joints.

Through hashtags like #creativerolling and #jointart, you can find cannabis works that are sure to surprise you. Plus, these creations can inspire you to up your game as a roller.

There are many ways you can start putting together your “crazy joints”, you can start with easier options like the intrepid cross joints or with braided joints.

The most famous rollers

Tony Greenhand, can be considered one of the most famous rollers in the world, with almost 400 thousand followers on Instagram.

This artist from Oregon, United States, makes works that will leave you shocked. On one occasion he even sold a joint in the shape of an AK-47 for the extraordinary sum of 7 thousand dollars.


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