Do you combine cannabis and wine? See what can happen

Written by on 25 December, 2020

Smoking marijuana is very pleasant for many recreational users, and of course, if cannabis can make you fly to another galaxy or relax to the maximum with just a couple of puffs.

In the last years, the users have been interested not only in enjoying the mota but also in combining that taste with the wine.

The idea of mixing both pleasures seems exciting. If this draws your attention, well look what can happen:

1- It will increase the level of THC in the blood

According to the observed in diverse studies when the cannabis is mixed with alcohol the amount of THC in blood duplicates, reason why, you will feel a rise more intense of the habitual thing.

Therefore, make sure you experiment carefully with moderate amounts of both until a balance is achieved. Enjoy both tastes at home.

2- Feeling of total relaxation

Drinking wine in moderation, especially red, can be an excellent companion to relax after a long day of work.

Cannabis has also been shown to have relaxing qualities, so imagine if you combine both elements, you will feel completely relaxed!

3- It will help you sleep

Do you suffer from insomnia? Well, don’t stay up too late, wine and mota could be the friend you’re looking for to enjoy a good night’s sleep, so, no more sleepless nights for you.





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