Cannabis and snowboarding, the perfect combination?

Written by on 24 December, 2020

When winter arrives, it’s not unusual to find lots of snowboarders moving around the snowy hills.

This extreme sport has become very popular, and many claim that a little bit of mota improves the experience, but are snowboarding and your Mary Jane the ideal combination? Read on.

Smoking on the snowboard tracks

Jumping on the board and sliding on the snow is an amazing activity in itself, imagine it with the company of marijuana.

Many smokers enjoy smoking marijuana on the tracks, precisely because it allows them to calm down and see things in a more relaxed way.

In addition, aside from the fun, the cannabis helps to reduce the annoyances that produce an exhausting activity like this one.

Advice to maintain you safe in the tracks when you enjoy a joint

If you are still learning to go down the mountain without breaking any bones, we recommend that you first develop your skills in this extreme sport before taking a couple of puffs on the hill.

You can also choose to enjoy a delicious vine after a long day in the snowy mountains. There is nothing like ending an exciting day of winter sports with a joint and a hot chocolate by the fire.

When you’re about to hit the ground running, it’s not the best time to try a new variety. On the contrary, we advise you to smoke the varieties you already know because you’ll know what to expect.

If you want to snowboard in place, it might be a great idea to do it in less crowded times, and if you can, away from the crowds.

Don’t think twice and have a 420 experience in the snow-covered mountains!


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