Apple promotes commercial cannabis reform in the U.S., according to Forbes

Written by on 19 February, 2022

According to Forbes, the U.S. company Apple is backing efforts to legalize marijuana in the United States, a policy reform that would open up “a commercial cannabis industry” in the U.S. territory.

The article’s writer, Roberto Hoben, noted that the bitten apple company’s support was evidenced, last summer when it announced that marijuana delivery services are now allowed to be hosted on its App Store.

According to Hoben, for years, large tech companies, including Facebook and Google, have refused to acknowledge the legality of the plant, but finally “Apple bucked that trend,” while maintaining some restrictions.

A marijuana application will have to be geolocated in places where cannabis is legal, and the program must be “presented by a legal entity that provides the services, and not by an individual developer”.

There is no doubt that the perception of the use of the plant has been changing in society and more and more people are in favor of a policy change. In the United States, for example, one of the latest polls conducted by Gallup showed that 68% of American voters support some form of legalization.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that Apple is not the only major company that has come out in favor of cannabis legalization, as e-commerce giant Amazon said last month that it supports a Republican-led bill that seeks to legalize, tax and regulate marijuana at the federal level in the United States.

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