Why you should use the NFT system in your cannabis growing?

Written by on 16 October, 2022

Many cannabis growers are looking for new methods to grow their own buds and leave aside the traditional substrate growing.

A growing alternative that is becoming common in many plantations is the nutrient film technique or NFT system. Do you know what it is? No? Well, don’t worry, we’ll tell you here.

What is a NFT system?

The nutrient film technique, also known as NFT system (Nutrient Film Technique), is a hydroponic growing method that consists of circulating the nutrient solution, composed of water and fertilizer, through tubes or trays where the roots of your plants will be.

The tubes, being slightly inclined, make the water enter on one side and leave on the other, so that it returns to the initial tank. With the help of a pump, the process is repeated again. The circulation flow is maintained for 24 hours.

Why should you use it?

This system can bring you many advantages; one of them is that it will allow you to conserve water. You see, the water used with this method stays inside the tank, and can be reused repeatedly.

Another of the benefits that you can get with this technique, and perhaps one of the most important, is that you will be able to get big and great harvests.

Some growers claim that this is an easy method. However, it requires careful maintenance.

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