Why you should avoid using pesticides on your cannabis growing

Written by on 5 February, 2021

When pests invade cannabis growing, usually cannabis growers use chemical pesticides to get rid of those annoying insects.

Well, although these products can be very effective, they can also have negative consequences for you. Follow us and learn more about this topic.

Why avoid pesticides?

As we mentioned, pesticides can cause various damages, especially to your health. You see, these substances will most likely remain on your precious buds, so whether you consume them or not, they will end up in your body.

You also have to take into account that the use of these products can harm the environment.

Dealing with pests without using pesticides

If you stop using pesticides on your plantation, you are probably wondering how you will fight pests. Well, there are many ways to eliminate and avoid these insects.

One of the most practical tips to detect any irregularities in your plantation is constantly keep an eye on your growing.

You can also use neem oil, this product is ideal for combating pests, without harming the local fauna.

In addition, if necessary, it is ideal to build a fence to keep away animals that want to invade your plantation.













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