Why you should apply the main-lining technique to your cannabis growing?

Written by on 19 April, 2022

Luckily in the world of cannabis growing there are many techniques that you can use to improve the yields of your harvest, and the method known as main lining is one of them.

As you know, it is a training technique that combines several methods (including LST (low stress training) and topping (apical pruning), to radically alter the structure of the plant. The goal is to achieve higher productivity, even in relatively small spaces.

If you are still not convinced about applying this technique in your plantation, keep reading this post, here we will give you some reasons for you to consider it.

Advantages of the main-lining system in cannabis growing

-For those users who are looking for abundant harvests, this is the main advantage offered by this growing technique.

-Compared to other training techniques, main lining is easier, cheaper and does not require a lot of dedication.

-With the main-lining technique, you will notice that light and space will be used more efficiently and with this method, the risk of the plant contracting fungus is reduced, because it allows a better air circulation.

-The drying of the buds will be easier and the appearance of the final product will be more attractive.


As such, this method has very few drawbacks; however, you must be careful when applying it.

You should take into account that main lining is a process that takes some time. You see, you will have to wait for your flowers to recover from the stress caused during topping and low stress training.

In addition, this growing technique is not recommended for autoflowering cannabis strains.



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