Why use coconut fiber to grow marijuana?

Written by on 17 February, 2022

Coconut fiber is one of the ideal substrates for growing marijuana, you can use both for indoor and outdoor plantations, and the good is that you can get quality marijuana.

The truth is that if you decide to use coconut fiber in your growing, you can get several advantages.

Coconut fiber is often used with ordinary soil to improve drainage and aeration of the medium, but it can be used on its own as a hydroponic substrate.

Why should you grow your weed with coco fiber? Well, there are reasons to use this material in your growth; one of them, it allows for the development of healthier marijuana plants and capable of maximizing the harvest. It can help you to have much bigger and more vigorous plants.

Also, coco fiber stands out for being a very airy and spongy material, which helps to facilitate the development of the roots.

Another reason why you might be interested in using coco fiber to grow your weed, it is a reusable material, and it comes from sustainable and environmentally friendly sources.

Coconut fiber is an inert and absorbent material, meaning that it lacks fertility, so you will have to fertilize it almost from the first watering, but this can be very positive because you can better control the nutrition of your plants.

For many growers, it can be attractive to grow in coconut fiber, as this is the least preferred medium for most insects and pests. It is one of the simplest growing mediums, you can find.

Growing marijuana in coconut fiber also has its drawbacks, say that it has a less intense flavor than when grown in soil. In addition, with this growing alternative, you have to spend a little more on nutrients.





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