Why use CFL lights in my cannabis growing?

Written by on 9 April, 2022

As you may know, when growing your Mary Jane indoors, you need to ensure that your girls get the lighting they need to thrive, well, to do that; you need to choose the lamps or bulbs you will use.

In cannabis, growing there is a wide variety of lights you can opt for, and one of them is precisely CFL lamps. If you are still not very familiar with these bulbs, don’t worry, here we will tell you a little bit about them.

Check out this post and learn some reasons why these lights are ideal for your weed plantation.

CFL Lights in cannabis growing

CFL (Compact fluorescent light) lamps can offer you several advantages in your cannabis-growing, one of them is that these bulbs are easy to install and use, so if you are just starting to grow your own weed, you won’t have so many complications.

These bulbs are usually inexpensive and accessible, as you can get them in several places, such as DIY stores or some supermarkets.

Generally, cannabis plants in their early stages of life need less light power; therefore, using these lights represent a great alternative. These lamps are perfect for rooting cuttings or growing seedlings. They usually have a blue light spectrum and are energy efficient.

Another advantage is that these bulbs consume little energy and therefore reduce your electricity bill. They also generate little heat so they are especially suitable for small growing.

The disadvantage is that some of these lights tend to have a shorter lifespan compared to other lamps. In addition, there are CFL lights that can be used in flowering, but the yields will be lower.


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