Why should you use insects when grow marijuana?

Written by on 9 October, 2022

As you may know, when we grow our own Mary Jane, either outdoors or indoors, all cannabis growers generally take our precautions to prevent our girls from being attacked by pests or insects.

Well, surely you also protect your plantation from those invaders but did you know that there are insects that can be beneficial for your plants?

Yes, although it may seem curious to you, some cannabis growers add or allow certain types of insects in their growing because they offer many advantages to their flowers, keep reading this post, we will mention some of them.

Why you should use insects in the marijuana growing (Advantages)

There are many reasons to use these beneficial insects in your weed plantation, one of them is that they will take care of protecting your growing from insects that are harmful to the plants.

Among those “bugs” that are harmless to your girls are insects like ladybugs, which are popularly known to eat pests like aphids.

If you are one of the cannabis growers who like to grow marijuana organically, this will come in handy, as it is a very good alternative to get rid of pests naturally and without chemicals.

Also, some growers claim that other advantages offered by these beneficial insects is that they can also improve the health of the soil, thus providing a better environment for your girls to grow healthy.


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