Why should you use Air-Pot for growing marijuana?

Written by on 23 June, 2021

During the growing of cannabis, some decisions can significantly affect the development of your plants; one of them is precisely the choice of the pot.

Keep in mind that the type of container or pot used can directly affect the health of the root system of your flowers, so it must be the right one.

In the market, you can find different types of pots, the Air-Pot, for example, tends to be used regularly in the growing of cannabis.


Perforated pots (Air-Pot) are a type of rigid and resistant plastic container. They are generally taller and slimmer in size compared to other containers.

One of the benefits or reasons for choosing these pots is that thanks to their perforated design, (with small holes on all sides), it facilitates or allows the aerial pruning of the roots, preventing them from getting tangled.

Likewise, these pots also have the advantage that they can be used several times in growing pots. In addition, these containers ensure good airflow and drainage.

The disadvantage is that they can become slightly more containers that are expensive. They also require more attention and maintenance, as you must be aware of constantly watering your plants since the substrate in these pots tends to dry out much faster.

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